Patterson MAP Testimonial

These attributes make her a highly-leveraged resource and go-to coach for our veterans and their families.  Her attitude is 100% Pay It Forward, Embed in your Community, and Network. Kimberly has countless connections in the military (active and retired), emergency-management (all levels), business, non-profit and even US Olympic spheres, that are not only personal and professional resources, but examples of how it is possible to find a satisfying, productive and well-paying career in the post-military job market, even during challenging economic times. Drawing on her 20+ years' experience as a TAP facilitator, she offers transitioning veterans and others a unique perspective of what actually works to connect them with a satisfying career that plays to their strengths and values, and to community needs and expectations. It's through Kimberly's networking that I was connected to a professional writing job I thoroughly enjoy. Not coincidentally, I find myself using my top skills identified in her "North Star" personal assessment exercises, now part of the MAP program ('Moving Ahead with Purpose') that builds on the TAP courses offered to transitioning military. By volunteering to help write and edit the MAP content, I was able to observe a dry run with transitioning military personnel, and participate in improvement roundtables. I saw that one of MAP's key benefits is the accountability and on-task guidance that walks participants through their own discovery process, professional development and personal branding that will serve them greatly in their new civilian careers, as they have also served me. Kimberly Hessler is a unique resource for our transitioning veterans, spouses and others who seek a new, fulfilling, productive career in the service of their fellow citizens."

-- Lee Patterson

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