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The National Graduate School of Quality Management (NGS) describes itself as a higher-education institution providing degrees, certifications and tailored programs both on-line and in-residence nationwide for policy development, strategic management and data-driven assessment of quality systems. Specific areas of study include quality systems management, homeland security and defense, and environmental policy and quality management. The distinguishing feature of the NGS program is the work-related project each student must complete, with measurable results and a 10:1 return on tuition investment, in order to graduate.

Students are typically experienced, working adults from both the Corporate and Department of Defense Environments. We have strategic learning partnerships with United Technologies and the United States Coast Guard. In addition, students hail from every branch of the military as well as various corporations such as Raytheon, Boeing, and 3M.

By offering this tailored degree military students will have a unique experience working with professors one-on-one in a small classroom environment. NGS understands military personnel are very busy and provide opportunities for those to stay enrolled in the program even if they are deployed or sent to a temporary duty station. NGS offers on-line classes as well for convenience to those who may be out of the country or unable to meet the in-resident classroom demands. Our Financial Aid Department is experienced in counseling military students one-on-one regarding financial assistance.