Mouton MAP Testimonial

  in teaching TAP and uses this experience to understand the concerns of transitioning veterans to skillfully guide veterans toward an effective transition to the civilian workforce.  The MAP classes aided me in determining my job-related strengths and mesh them with professions for which I’m passionate to formulate my personal brand to “sell” to market. Additionally, the MAP classes helped me identify job position types that are related to my professional passions, not just my acquired skill sets.  Lastly, Kimberly showed me effective methods of networking, built on the current marketplace, to increase my chances of getting interviews.  I believe my chances of securing a job in which I’m skilled and driven to do are greatly improved due to the MAP class.  I really wish the MAP program had been available to me before I retired and strongly believe the MAP program should be available to all transitioning servicemembers as a follow-on to the TAP class.”

- Andre’ Mouton, Lt Col (Ret), USAF

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