McIntyre MAP Testimonial

I began working up my resume, with feedback from friends, civilian contacts, and resources made available from TAP class.  Check.  I was networking and getting my resume in front of the right people.  Check.  Or was I?

Even before my final retirement out processing, I had several contingent offers, and knew it would only be a matter of time before I landed a good contracting job.  I had been good with my family budget, so I knew I could last at least a year without a job, so time wasn’t an issue.  But something kept bothering me.  I tried to picture what I would be doing in my new career, where I would work, the types of projects I would tackle, and of course, the pay checks.  I was still apprehensive and unsettled.  After several months of soul searching, I pulled out my Moving Ahead with Purpose packet again.  After reviewing my North Star, identified during the MAP seminar, I realized I was looking almost 180 degrees away from where my star was leading me.  It was time to reorient my search.

I don’t know why I lost sight of my North Star to begin with.  Perhaps because I wanted stay in a city dominated by defense contractors, and that’s what everyone was doing.  Or, perhaps it was telling me something I found too uncomfortable.  I had spent the time in the MAP seminar clearly identifying my values, strengths, and goals in life, but my job search had been ignoring those ideals in order to pursue the more familiar world of defense.  Once I reoriented my search along the path my North Star pointed, I found several opportunities that were appealing to me.  Well, not simply appealing, but whole new careers that I was really excited to pursue.  I now find myself in an exciting career field in the civilian sector with no ties to defense contracting at all, and for the first time in a long time, I am excited about my future because Kimberly and her team helped identify, and I decided to follow, my North Star."

Charlie McIntyre Major (RET) Air Force

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