Stategic Partners

Homeland Security Careers has partnered with the National Homeland Defense Foundation and the Center for Homeland Security at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

The Center for Homeland Security at UCCS

UCCS Center for Homeland Security LogoThe Center for Homeland Security works through a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach with partners from industry, military, government, and other academic institutions to identify needs, strengths, and mutual goals. To accomplish its vision the center:

  • Conducts theoretical and applied research
  • Manages projects that provide focused study and technical assessment for complex systems issues
  • Designs, develops and conducts seminars and workshops
  • In conjunction with university academic units, CHS facilitates the definition and delivery of credit courses, certificates and academic programs.

The Center for Homeland Security will accomplish its mission through a framework of memoranda, cooperative agreements, grants, and contractual arrangements that result from a sound understanding of individual as well as corporate requirements.


The National Homeland Defense Foundation

National Homeland Defense Foundation LogoNational Homeland Defense Foundation (NHDF) was established in 2004 as a non-partisan, nonprofit forum and rallying point for our country’s response to the ever eminent presence of terrorism tactics, and preparing and responding to natural disasters around the country.

NHDF’s mission is “Securing the Future of Liberty™" through sharing of technology, innovation, and education. To accomplish this mission, NHDF conducts the nation's leading public forum at an annual Symposium where experts in government, industry, academia and media converge to discuss, educate and share ideas to help secure our nation.

NHDF hosts an on-line library for documents and literature focused on homeland defense and security.  Visit for more information.