HSC Careers Testimonials

HSC Careers Testimonials


“Kimberly Hessler and her team of professionals summon boundless energy on behalf of their clients in career transition. While many government agencies declare there are no jobs in this economy to be found, Kimberly’s well-equipped clients set out with focused effort and enthusiasm and land the best jobs available – often before these positions become publicly posted.”

-- Tom Martin, Client & HSC Intern

"If you are thinking about a career change, seeking a new opportunity after the military or actively seeking employment, Homeland Security Careers, LLC can help you with your journey. They provide professional career advice, numerous networking opportunities, weekly roundtable discussions, encouragement and honest feedback. HS/HD Careers can assist you in developing a plan for a successful career searching schedule. They not only help you realize that to be successful, you need to treat it like a full-time job, they provide recommendations on how you can fill up your daily schedule and get out and meet the people which may contribute to your next career. Homeland Security Careers, LLC provided me with a wealth of contacts. They not only made phone calls and introduced me to numerous contacts; I was able to meet with these contacts one-on-one. Monthly networking seminars (Military to Business – Mil2Biz) are also presented and offer the chance to meet professionals from numerous career fields and organizations.

Networking is the key through the entire process and what better way to capitalize on this than the HS/HD Career Summit II. This is like one stop shopping; you have the chance to listen to an impressive group of speakers. Unlike most venues, you also have the opportunity to meet with these individuals and receive some advice specific to your career pursuit. They not only take the time to listen to your story, they also provide advice, and often times provide additional contacts and networking avenues.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the Homeland Security/Homeland Defense arena, this event (HS/HD Career Summit II) is a must for information gathering and networking."

-- Clark Peterson (Successfully employed through use of HS/HD Careers techniques)

“If you are looking to find what your next career should be in this dynamic and growing industry of Homeland Security, you won’t want to miss being a part of the networking meetings on Mondays and Fridays with Kimberly Hessler and her team. Sign up today at www.hshdcareers.com and join other connected people who are networking together to find that next rewarding job position.”

-- Jeff Pederson – JPED Consulting & JPED Publishing Group

"Kimberly Hessler and her organization, Homeland Security Careers, provides an invaluable service to the local community for those military members in transition. Her hands-on approach and willingness to reach out to all transitioning service members has been instrumental to countless individuals as they prepare for a new career. Her guidance and support allowed me to quickly gain an understanding of how the business world operates, and how to apply my 28 years of uniformed service to ensure I could articulate my skill sets for future employment opportunities. With her assistance, I transitioned quickly to the corporate world and then onto government civil service—thanks Kimberly."

-- Steve Armstrong - Retired Col, USAF

"Kimberly Hessler’s “Homeland Security Careers” offers a unique and much-needed opportunity for job seekers and our community. The synergy of support and information that happens at her meetings and workshops, is something not found in self-help books, job boards, or on the Internet. Kimberly strongly promotes volunteerism and ‘paying it forward’, both as a service to others, and a way to find the purpose that is naturally in our lives.  Her North Star personality assessment and other career coaching tools are well-developed, professionally produced and of enduring worth. She offers free webinars and other training on her website at http://www.hshdcareers.com/ , and even more materials to those pursuing great value in their career development."

-- Lee Patterson - Client

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