Formula for career transition success: Part II

What is the formula for career transition success?  Part II

Continuing in the theme of being a starfish not a spider…To be resilient, agile and to build a sustainable career we must continue to enhance our product.  We can easily and naturally build relationships by investing in our community.  An area we all need to be aware of is Cybersecurity.

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.  Learn all about National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.  Enjoy the information from Department of Homeland Security.

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month


October marks the seventh annual National Cybersecurity Awareness Month sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security. The theme for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2010 is “Our Shared Responsibility” to reinforce the message that all computer users, not just industry and government, have a responsibility to practice good “cyber hygiene” and to protect themselves and their families at home, at work and at school.

Americans can follow a few simple steps to keep themselves safe online. By doing so, you will not only keep your personal assets and information secure but you will also help to improve the overall security of cyberspace.

It is Our Shared Responsibility to stay safe online.

How You Can Contribute to Cybersecurity Awareness

Here are a few steps that you can take to not only participate in National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, but also enhance cybersecurity 365 days a year:

Take Action - There are many things businesses, schools, and home users can do to practice cybersecurity during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and beyond.

  • Make sure that you have anti-virus software and firewalls installed, properly configured, and up-to-date. New threats are discovered every day, and keeping your software updated is one of the easier ways to protect yourself from an attack. Set your computer to automatically update for you.
  • Update your operating system and critical program software. Software updates offer the latest protection against malicious activities. Turn on automatic updating if that feature is available.
  • Back up key files. If you have important files stored on your computer, copy them onto a removable disc and store it in a safe place.

Endorse - Demonstrate your commitment to cybersecurity.

  • Show your organization's commitment to cybersecurity and National Cybersecurity Awareness Month by signing the online endorsement form at
  • Create a section for cybersecurity on your organization's Web site. Download banners at and post them on your organization's home page.
  • Add a signature block to your e-mail:
    "October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Stay Safe Online! Visit for the latest cybersecurity tips."

Educate - Find out what more you can do to secure cyberspace and how you can share this with others.

  • Participate in the National Cyber Security Alliance Cyber Security Awareness Volunteer Education (C-SAVE) Program and help educate elementary, middle, and high-school students about Internet safety and security. For more information or to download the C-Save curriculum, visit
  • Review cybersecurity tips with your family.
  • Print and post these cybersecurity tips near your computer and network printers.
  • Use regular communications in your business—newsletters, e-mail alerts, Web sites, etc.—to increase awareness on issues like updating software processes, protecting personal identifiable information, and securing your wireless network.

For more information on Awareness Month and for additional material, please visit and


Cybersecurity Resources

The Department partners with a number of cybersecurity organizations throughout the year to educate all citizens on the importance of implementing effective cybersecurity practices. These partnerships also make National Cybersecurity Awareness Month possible by uniting public and private sector efforts to secure cyberspace. National Cybersecurity Awareness Month materials and resources can be found at the following sites:


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Remember proper networking is building great relationships.  When you naturally build relationships and pay it forward you will have a solid foundation.  When you have a solid foundation of relationships no matter what happens in your life you can be like a Linkia starfish resilient, agile and sustainable.

Please consider joining me for the following networking opportunities:

Career Planning Hubs

These are networking/relationship building opportunities we have twice a week in Colorado Springs.

Virtual Career Planning HubVirtual Career Planning Hubs - These online sessions allow people from across the country to network and collaborate.

Mil2Biz Networking Events

Mil2Biz networking events occur monthly in Colorado Springs.  These events allow job seekers the chance to network with others in transition as well as employers.  We generally have a speaker or panel discussion on a career transition or homeland security related topic.

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