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Kimberly’s Recommendation:

It is vital to your success in the Homeland Security Industry to showcase that you have worked alongside civilians providing an important role AND that you have taken the extra effort to become certified in the courses important to their industry. The military has its own language of jargon across all branches of the military that we must learn in order to work in joint assignments. It is vital that you take this opportunity to learn the FEMA jargon. Taking the time and effort to become certified through the Emergency Management Institute will set you apart from your competition.



Free FEMA Certification Courses from the Emergency Management Institute: https://training.fema.gov/IS/NIMS.asp

Recently the National Incident Management System – Emergency Management Institute (EMI) replaced its Incident Command System (ICS) curricula with courses that meet the requirements specified in the National Incident Management System (NIMS). EMI developed the new courses collaboratively with the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG), the United States Fire Administration and the United States Department of Agriculture.



Connecting with your local community - Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) in your city at https://www.citizencorps.gov/cert/

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program educates people about disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact their area and trains them in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations. Using the training learned in the classroom and during exercises, CERT members can assist others in their neighborhood or workplace following an event when professional responders are not immediately available to help. CERT members also are encouraged to support emergency response agencies by taking a more active role in emergency preparedness projects in their community.



  • Do you know how to shut off your utilities? 
  • Can you determine the types of supplies necessary to assist family, neighbors & coworkers? 
  • Will your family know what to do if you are not home? 
  • Do you have a family plan? 
  • Can you recognize potential hazards and take steps to safely assist those in need? 
  • Would you like to be better prepared to deal with events that might otherwise seem overwhelming?




CERT Training Dates:



January 30, 31 – Saturday, Sunday

March 10, 11 – Wednesday, Thursday

May 4, 6,11, 13 – 6:00 – 10:00 p.m.

October 2, 3 – Saturday, Sunday

November 3,4 - Wednesday, Thursday




Unless noted, class is from 8:30—5:00.

Attendance at the full course is required.


Intermediate Incident Command System

(ICS 300)

***Free Weekend Training Opportunity***


Course Description



: This course provides training on and resources for personnel who require advanced

application of the Incident Command System (ICS). The target audience for this course is for individuals

who may assume a supervisory role in expanding incidents or Type 3 incidents. These incidents may

extend into multiple operational periods. This course expands upon information covered in the ICS-100

and ICS-200 courses. This course will include but not be limited to: unified command, incident/event

assessment and objective development, the ICS planning process, incident/event resource management,

transfer of command and demobilization.





Class Prerequisites:




Each student must successfully complete IS 100-Introduction to Incident Command

and IS 200-ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents (independent study courses listed on the


FEMA website










Please email jconti@springsgov.com with ICS 300 APRIL 24 2010 in the subject line. You

will receive a registration form via return email. Course is limited to the first 24 participants of which

only 6 may be affiliated with a federal or military organization.




Course Dates and Location:


Date: April 24-25, 2010 (Saturday and Sunday)

Time: 0800-1730 daily (30-minute lunch, feel free to bring your lunch)


El Paso County Criminal Justice Center Complex

Training Academy

2741 E. Las Vegas, Colorado Springs, CO 80911

Target Audience: Middle Management, Strike Team Leaders, Task Force Leaders, Unit Leaders,

Division/Group Supervisors, Branch Directors and Multi-Agency Coordination

System/Emergency Operations Center staff

This project was supported in whole or in part by grant #98HS78883, issued by the Colorado Governor’s

Office of Homeland Security.


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